Review: Duckshot



Duckshot3 Duckshot’s a game of timing first and foremost, which has its pros and cons. You definitely get the feeling of being a patient hunter, waiting for the perfect shot to line up, but at the same time, since there’s no time limit it can turn into a slideshow while you’re just sitting and watching the same ducks glide by without a good shot in sight. Still, it’s vindicating when you can drop four to five birds in one stride.

Levels progress based on acheiving a certain score with limited ammo which is the next limiting factor. You really have to make sure your shots count, which means anything less than two ducks going down at a time is a waste. You’re awarded with stamps for completing levels, which don’t really do it for me, but as scoring benchmarks they do the job.


The levels are well-encapsulated, and can you can burn through one round to kill some time (and ducks) no problem. On the casual front, Duckshot’s great. It falls short on providing a prolonged experience, considering you can only really enjoy shooting the same things over and over again for so long, but for most users, a casual game is all you need. On top of that, the graphics are well-done and make for a nice, light-hearted digital massacre. 3.5 Dead Ducks out of 5.