BlackBerry 8120 shots and details

Pinstack head honcho Hayden has got a plethora of fresh shots of a BlackBerry 8120, packing Wi-Fi, external microSD slot, OS 4.3, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Wi-Fi browser. However, while we’re pretty sure that the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl 2 (or the 8130, if you will) will have a 2 Mpx camera, our man Hayden neglected to state whether the camera in the BlackBerry 8120 is 2 or 3.2 Mpx, which prevents us from resolving the debate as to which device will be better. (Which would you take: EVDO, 2 Mpx BlackBerry with no confirmed MicroSD slot, or an EDGE, 3.2 Mpx BlackBerry with Wi-Fi web browsing? Also, where for art thou GPS? Deep within the 8110, perchance?)

Other items of note on this new beauty? Notice that, while the form factor has stayed mostly the same in comparison to the original Pearl, the soft keys surrounding the trackball have been enlarged, and there appears to now be a top and rear speaker. Also, check out the sweet “Dimension L” theme - I cannot wait to get my hands on that.

Thanks for the snaps, Hayden!

* OS 4.3 installed
* WiFi w/ WiFi browser - but no built-in GPS
* Improved version of SureType
* Improved email layout and display
* Improved voice control software
* Improved keyboard layout
* Improved camera & improved flash
* External Entry MicroSD slot
* 3.5mm Headset Jack
* Top AND rear loudspeaker opening
* New Dimension L theme
* Improved build quality
* Available in multiple colors…

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BlackBerry 8120 shots and details
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