BlackBerry 8320 hitting T-Mobile September 24th?

Boy Genius has heard it through the grapevine that T-Mobile will be offering the BlackBerry 8320 as of September 24th., including myFaves support. It’s true that this means the 8320 won’t be the first to bring us Wi-Fi, what with the BlackBerry 8820 hitting Orange first, but it’s still something to offer the folks who want both Wi-Fi and a camera in their handheld. Rogers’ upcoming BlackBerry 8310 could rule out the next incremental upgrade for some time, leaving us sorry Canadians with GPS aplenty but no Wi-Fi. Well, here’s hoping that won’t be the case.

4 Responses to “BlackBerry 8320 hitting T-Mobile September 24th?”

  1. 1 Nick

    I thought Rogers would be getting the 8820 with WiFi sometime in September, which would give us Rogers folk glorious WiFi action. Am I mistaken?

    This would technically let Rogers put WiFi out there, but in a “business” BlackBerry, rather than the 83xx series with camera, etc. which would appeal to a wider audience. So Rogers can offer WiFi, but only to those willing to give up cameras, i.e. not the majority. I know, I’m grasping at straws, but any WiFi action would be nice :-)

  2. 2 SaneInSF

    Rather have GPS than wi-fi personally. Gimme a AT&T 8310!

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool Douglas


    We’re sure that Rogers is getting the BlackBerry 8310, although probably not in September (so as to make room for the Pearl 2 launch — you can read about it here: That makes it very unlikely that they’ll also be getting the 8320, so you’re pretty much going to have to stick with the 8820 if you want Wi-Fi on Rogers.

    I think it’s basically a Rogers play to keep consumers away from using Wi-Fi.

    Personally, I’d rather have Wi-Fi over GPS (sorry, SaneInSF), but not at the cost of a camera.

  4. 4 Jim

    Its confirmed that Tmobile will launch the Blackberry 8320 on 9/24. Dont know how much it will be.

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