How to get alerts while BlackBerry is holstered

PDAStreet just let us in on a tip they found on how to ensure you’re still getting your e-mail alerts if your device is holstered. It’s just a quick setting switch, but if you’ve been having trouble, you wouldn’t know where to look anyhow.

Q: Why don’t I receive my message notifications when my BlackBerry smartphone is in the holster?
A: Try the following troubleshooting suggestion to verify that the correct notification settings are selected:
1. From the Home screen on the device, go to Options > Profiles.
2. Select your selected profile and click the trackwheel.
3. Click Edit.
4. Select Messages.
5. Click the trackwheel and select Edit.
6. Verify that the correct Messages notifications are configured in your profile settings.
7. Click the trackwheel and select Save.

If this fix doesn’t work, you can also try a different holster in order to verify that yours is working. When the BlackBerry device is correctly placed in the holster, it connects to a magnet and its LCD screen turns off. To test this, place the BlackBerry device in another holster. If the LCD screen still does not turn off, the holster might not be causing the problem.

Other suggestions include resetting the BlackBerry device or reloading applications. See your manual for instructions on how to try these fixes.

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