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MMS and Buy lets your camera do the ringtone shopping


NoteThe digital record label Craze has announced their new service called MMS and Buy, which lets you send an MMS picture of a record label to their number which replies with a link to their site with ringtones of the music on that album. Anyone who’s into the mobile music shopping has probably looked at Walkman’s TrackID with a bit of envy. MMS and Buy might not be quite as versatile as audio recognition, but it’s a start. Right now, the service is only available in the UK, but they’re hoping to expand into other merchandise, like posters and concert tickets.

AT&T BlackBerry 8310 launching September 24th.


BlackBerry 8310We’ve heard that AT&T’s GPS-ified BlackBerry 8310 is set for launch on September 24th, which would line up well with a their Pearl 2 debut mid-September. The talk about BlackBerry 8800s getting phased out to make room for the 8820 gets you wondering about how long it will be before the BlackBerry 8300 gets the same treatment. If there’s no significant price difference, is there a reason someone wouldn’t go for the 8310 over the 8300? Hell, if the BlackBerry 8310 is going to be in black, it’s a done deal – anyone who hadn’t gotten around to picking up a Curve will just grab the newer model. All these new devices are fun and all, but should RIM be spacing out their product releases a bit more to give them time to sell?

How to pair your expensive car to your expensive phone


JaguarBerryReview just pointed us to a handy application from RIM for an incredibly small sect of BlackBerry users: those who own a Land Rover LR2, Volvo S80 and V70 or Jaguar XK. This application, the Bluetooth Pairing Helper, supposedly eases the Bluetooth pairing process with your car as outlined in RIM’s knowledgebase. Outside of working with a microphone built into the car for voice calls, what other applications are there for Bluetooth in your ride? Music? Maybe some diagnostics?

New BlackBerry 88XX OtterBox available


OtterBox 1933OtterBox, ever the heavy-duty case providers, have just announced their OtterBox 1933 which fits the BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820 and BlackBerry 8830. As an 8800 user, this case looks like something I wouldn’t mind using on a daily basis. Most of the OtterBox products for BlackBerry turn your handheld into a little microcomputing tank, which for novelty’s sake is awesome, but impractical for nonindustrial use. We’ve got a review cooking for their 1930 model (fitting the BlackBerry 8700), and hope to get our hands on the 1933 real soon. Keep an eye out for this in the $49.99 range in both classic black and yellow.

Press release behind the jump.

Linux to frag smartphone OS competition for next five years


Linux A recent ABI Research report is forecasting huge progress for Linux as the OS of choice for smartphones, claiming 31% of smartphones will be running it by 2012 thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 74%. Both Nokia and Palm have been flirting with Linux adoption for awhile. In fact, being more of an open product was one of the key changes Palm needed to embrace, according to a certain open letter. The report just goes to show that doing so early will get them on board with developers. Now, the BlackBerry’s fairly closed in terms of its OS and odds are it’s going to stay that way. How much of a lead could open source adoption give Palm over RIM?

Viigo/BlackBerryCool to Go channel gets customizable


ViigoOur buddies at Virtual Reach have a few new channels available for subscription on their free RSS reader: one is a customizable ESPN sports feed and another for exchange rates. Getting exchange rates on the go is just plain handy, especially if it’s folded into something you’re already using (you are already using BlackBerry Cool to Go, right?), but the customized sports feed is certainly something new that could seriously expand the usefulness of Viigo’s channels. Instead of cruising through the folders and finding the stuff you like, being given the option to make your own ensures that you get the content you want. We’re really hoping that Virtual Reach brings this kind of thing to more of their channels.