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RIM and AT&T are negotiating a deal to leave the BlackBerry 8820 un-neutered; the Internet wins


BlackBerry Cool helps RIM fight off AT&T to save the BlackBerry 8820

We were told to keep this one under wraps until the deal went through, but our friends over at the CBerry have started reporting a release date for the BlackBerry 8820, so we can’t hold out any longer. CrackBerry states that along with a September 4th release date, AT&T BlackBerry 8820s will not have their built-in GPS neutered to work with only TeleNav’s service, like we told you previously. They’re probably right, and here’s why.

Right now RIM and AT&T are in the process of re-negotiating the GPS status of the BlackBerry 8820. We’re not sure if the deal has been finalized yet, but if the AT&T documents are correct, it seems at least all-but a done deal. What’s the reason for this? Well, frankly, it’s because AT&T was none too pleased with the hurricane of negative feedback that rolled through the Internet after we broke the story. So basically, loyal citizens of the Internet, you have yourselves to thank for putting AT&T in their place and getting the BlackBerry you deserve. (Unofficial) word from RIM is that, internally, they’re popping open champagne and are very grateful for the support they got from the “BlackBerry Nation”.

One question still remains: what will happen to the neutered BlackBerry 8820s already out there? Boy Genius had reported that AT&T was set to slowly roll out the device on a store by store basis, once BlackBerry 8800 stock had been eliminated, which means that there are at least some out there (the neutering is done via software, so every device that hasn’t left RIM’s hands yet can easily be fixed, although we’re told that this could add a day or two of delay to the supply chain). Will they simply send them back, or sell them to the public and hope nobody notices? Our source told us that this depends on how many there are in existence, but for our money, nothing underhanded AT&T does would surprise us.

(Note: If anyone can get their hands on one, you know who to email.)

Final thoughts? If the deal hasn’t been finalized yet, RIM, you have AT&T by the balls: keep squeezing. If it has been finalized, congratulations, and never let a carrier push you around again. Your real customers are rooting for you.

Oh, and RIM? You’re welcome.

UNO coming to BlackBerry


UNOOasys Mobile has announced their release of the classic card game UNO on BlackBerry. C’mon, who doesn’t like UNO? It’s like Crazy Eights, only more multicolored, and let’s face it, everyone likes multicoloration. UNO’s been doing pretty well on other mobile platforms, so it should perform well on BlackBerry.

“We are very excited about being able to bring such a powerful brand to the market on BlackBerry smartphones,” said Keith Pichelman, CEO of Concrete Software. “UNO Classic 2007 is a top selling game on many platforms. We have very high expectations for the BlackBerry platform as well.”

Google teams up with emoze


emozeEmoze has announced today that they’re now offering free push Gmail on any cellphone out there. We remember emoze, right? Emoze has been openly targeting RIM as a competitor, and now they’re horning in on their Google turf, which is fair game. Making nice with Google is good for business. There’s a divide in what folks want in e-mail: those who need the whole shebang, and those who just want to occasionally check their personal e-mail, and emoze is going after the latter. While RIM obviously doesn’t have to worry about losing their full-feature customers, emoze’s free push e-mail certainly raises the bar for capturing a casual market.

BlackBerry 8820 UI shots


BlackBerry 8820Gizmodo‘s found some folks on Pinstack with pictures of BlackBerry 8820 getting its Wi-Fi groove on. It’s kind of old hat by now, especially with plenty of folks in Europe with their hands on one, but we’ll take whatever we can get on this side of the pond. Reports still linger about the quality of Wi-Fi service; are there any early-adopting Europeans who’d care to share their experiences with the BlackBerry 8820?

BlackLine launches Blip beta


BlipBlackLine has announced today beta testing for their new location-based service called Blip for the BlackBerry 8800. They’re aiming for a social networking product with Blip, where your location is transmitted regularly to a particular list of friends who can access your location through Blip’s website. Although this beta test is geared specifically for the BlackBerry 8800, anything on OS 4.2 will work, and if you’re already packing one of BlackLine’s GPS Snitch products, it will do the job too.

You might remember our chat with the fine folks from BlackLine back at WES, and with GPS-enabled devices like the BlackBerry 8310 coming around the corner, we’re really excited to see which new RIM products BlackLine supports, and how Blip does. BBCool has just today received their Blip package in the mail, so expect a review sometime real soon.

The first 1,000 people knocking at their door before August 31st. will be able to get in on the beta, so get crackin’!

Press release behind the jump.

RIM fights Atari to keep BrickBreaker


GavelIt looks like Atari’s none too happy about BrickBreaker, the game that’s been preloaded on BlackBerrys since the 7200, and has been pursuing legal action. The resemblance to Atari’s Breakout is noticeable, and you can hardly blame Atari for the litigation. RIM has no doubt enjoyed the enterprise popularity in the game, and by association mobile games have likely seen a boost in visibility. Two weeks ago, Superior Court Judge Harvey Spiegel motioned for the case to be moved to the Superior Court of Ontario in Toronto.