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Seduce employees to increase device adoption in enterprise


HeartsIn RIM’s recent issue of BlackBerry Connection, there was an interesting article on how to improve corporate BlackBerry adoption by “seducing” users. We’re used to hearing about companies with restrictive IT policies that block downloading ringtones or games, but the IT director at British and American Tobacco has gone another route. By not only allowing but encouraging employees to use the devices for business and personal activities, the BlackBerry experience had become an entirely enjoyable one for the folks at BAT. When implementing the devices, they targeted executives who had shown a high level of acceptance to innovative technologies to build excitement among peers before issuing more BlackBerrys. Enough people out there see their BlackBerry as the ball and chain that the boss has latched onto them; maybe it’s time IT directors change that and show a little love.

BlackBerry 8120 shots and details


BlackBerry 8120Pinstack head honcho Hayden has got a plethora of fresh shots of a BlackBerry 8120, packing Wi-Fi, external microSD slot, OS 4.3, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Wi-Fi browser. However, while we’re pretty sure that the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl 2 (or the 8130, if you will) will have a 2 Mpx camera, our man Hayden neglected to state whether the camera in the BlackBerry 8120 is 2 or 3.2 Mpx, which prevents us from resolving the debate as to which device will be better. (Which would you take: EVDO, 2 Mpx BlackBerry with no confirmed MicroSD slot, or an EDGE, 3.2 Mpx BlackBerry with Wi-Fi web browsing? Also, where for art thou GPS? Deep within the 8110, perchance?)

Other items of note on this new beauty? Notice that, while the form factor has stayed mostly the same in comparison to the original Pearl, the soft keys surrounding the trackball have been enlarged, and there appears to now be a top and rear speaker. Also, check out the sweet “Dimension L” theme – I cannot wait to get my hands on that.

Thanks for the snaps, Hayden!

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Mobile photo sharing for your BlackBerry


RadarMobile photo sharing service Radar has announced today support for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices, and others numbering over 220. Cameras on phones tend to get a pretty bad rap in the quality department, but Radar’s doing some pretty cool stuff here. Think of it as Twitter, only with pictures. MMS isn’t a service available to everybody, but Radar seems to be a way to get around that. They’re boldly claiming that you can share not only your pictures, but also videos with any registered friend on any phone on any carrier worldwide. The producer, Tiny Pictures, has even got a Facebook app ready to rock. I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for the Facebook and the social networking and all that. Stuff like Radar makes me want to trade in the 8800 for something with a camera.

Tips for reducing BES administration stress


StressA reader just let us know about a Zenprise report they were going over, which included some crazy numbers about e-mail and stress in the workplace.

The survey found that 36% of respondents indicated that their job is ‘stressful’ or ‘extremely stressful’. However, when email is down, 74% of respondents indicated that their job is ‘stressful’ or ‘extremely stressful’. Only air traffic controllers and police officers were viewed as having jobs more stressful than that of an IT administator whose email system is down!

Wow. Respect to the IT admins out there who are dealing with stress levels comparable to that of cops. The report had a few pointers that might help keep that blood pressure down, like “be ready to assemble a cross-functional SWAT team to quickly resolve BlackBerry issues” and “consistently monitor & audit your Active Directory infrastructure”.

Thanks, Chris!

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SpinVox partners with Rogers for textified voicemail


SpinVoxIf you tuned in to our WES podcasts, you might remember the name SpinVox, purveyors of some fine voice-to-text software. Today, Rogers announced that SpinVox’s services would be available to subscribers, notably transcribing inbound voicemail into SMS messages. Part of the reason for Rogers’ support of SpinVox in particular is the multilingual support. Here in Ottawa, it’s bilingual central and easy to see how including French language support is a good business move.

Palm Centro coming to Sprint


Palm CentroGizmodo’s procured a press shot of Palm’s upcoming device, the Centro, and given a few extra details, Palm may be working its way where RIM’s presence is negligible. The Centro will be geared towards the youth bracket, with a pricetag to match: $99. Sprint will have an exclusive deal for 90 days before other carriers will start seeing it. EVDO speeds plus touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad make for a decent package at that price. The picture also has MSN, Yahoo! and AOL IM clients all in tabbed view, which is another step in the right direction for capturing a younger market. Is the Centro something that a BlackBerry-toting dad would get for his kid over, say, a Sidekick iD?