Balsillie helps found Canadian International Council

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Jim BalsillieRIM CEO Jim Balsillie is well-known for his philanthropic streak, and now he’s got one more notch on his belt by supporting the new Canadian foreign policy think tank, the Canadian International Council, with a million-dollar kick-start. By donating to the University of Toronto he’s supported students in the policy field, and is encouraging other industry leaders to fork up $100,000 a year to do the same. Apparently Canada is the only G8 country not to have something like the CIC already in place, and what with BBCool HQ being right in the national capital, we can appreciate Jim’s support of Canada’s international presence and future. He remains tight-lipped on his own views, saying “My feeling is these global issues matter and they should be researched and driven by the experts in these fields. This is not about my opinions.”

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