LBS by playing hot and cold


HotGizmodo has pointed out a technology that’s in the works to let you use location-based services by playing hot and cold with your mobile. German and Swedish developers will be announcing their study’s results at the upcoming MobiHCI conference in Singapore next week, which used thermoelectric cooling to warm up a handheld the closer the user was to their established route, and cooled down the more they strayed. The possibilities of using this technology for GPS-based rounds of Marco Polo is exciting, since it allows you to split your attention.

“The idea of ambient information as a new interaction paradigm has been expressed more than a decade ago, when Mark Weiser referred to it as a means of “calm technology” that is staying within the scope of a user’s attention without exclusively requiring her full awareness by blocking out other streams of information.”

It might not be terribly precise, but it’s still a cool way of navigating.