BlackBerry 8820 on sale through Amazon

If you don’t feel like waiting for AT&T’s soft launch of the BlackBerry 8820 to catch up to your store, Amazon is offering the Wi-Fi BlackBerry to US customers for $199.99. That sounds alright if you’re in a rush to get some Wi-Fi action going, but Amazon has some conditions you have to meet for 3 months in order to enjoy their subsidized cost. For one, you’ve got to pay your monthly bills. We’re presuming you were going to do that anyway, but if you miss just one, you’re liable to be forking over another $250 to Amazon. Second, you can’t disconnect from AT&T and switch over, since AT&T presumably has an exclusive on the device. Third, you can’t switch to another AT&T line of service, or drop down to a lower data plan, and finally you can’t replace your existing account with this one. Yeesh. Might as well just wait for it to hit the stores.

UPDATE: The 8820’s been taken off of Amazon’s catalogue. Mysterious, no?

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Posted by Simon Sage in News

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September 13th, 2007 at 8:29 am


Link does not work :-)

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