Qualcomm squeezes out of import ban


BoxingQualcomm has managed to slip out of Broadcom’s legal death-grip a bit, now circumventing the ITC’s ban on phones containing disputed technology by getting permission for carriers to do the importing. Qualcomm still isn’t allowed to bring in phones using their chips, but at least it will be back to business as usual for the carriers. The patent battle has been raging, going mostly in Broadcom’s favour these days. Nobody likes a one-sided fight, so it’s good to see Qualcomm swinging back.

“We are pleased that the Court of Appeals recognized the undeserved harm to parties who were not named in the lawsuit, and that our customers will continue to be able to introduce new products into the U.S. marketplace during the appeals process,” said Alex H. Rogers, Qualcomm’s senior vice president and legal counsel.

How do you guys think this will all pan out? Will the two giants just keep doing the legal dance, or will Broadcom eventually get their way? Qualcomm seems way too big to put that much of a roadblock on.