Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in released


Microsoft Visual StudioThe BlackBerry development plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio we noticed around WES-time is now available for download for those coders among us. What can you look forward to with this addition, you ask?

Key benefits for developers include:
* Familiar development experience — Plugs into an existing Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development environment, providing a familiar experience for .NET developers to create rich client applications for the BlackBerry platform.
* Seamless wireless connectivity — Leverages the inherent security and managed wireless connectivity of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, allowing developers to seamlessly connect to back-end enterprise systems using .NET Web Services.
* Simplified BlackBerry development — Provides a framework of re-useable BlackBerry application components that simplifies user interface design, data management and wireless connectivity of rich-client applications.
* Enterprise-class security and manageability — Applications developed using the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio will leverage the same secure, push-based technology and scalable architecture of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. IT departments also benefit from simplified management and centralized control of their wireless deployments.

Cheers, Robb!