Review: OtterBox Roundup


OtterBoxOtterBox has become synonymous with ruggedized electronics since they got started back in ’96, so we’re really glad to finally have the chance to check out their goods. On our plate we have the OtterBox 1930, fitting on the BlackBerry 8700, the OtterBox 1933 for the BlackBerry 8800, the OtterBox 1600 which is lovingly cradling our Garmin GPS puck, and the OtterBox 2500 to keep our SideWinder toasty warm. If you’re into the rough-and-tumble lifestyle and you’re checking out this site, you’ll want to see what’s behind the jump.


OtterBox 9Installation
Installation for the 8700’s OtterBox was dirt simple. The back latch needed to be screwed in, and two were available. One with a nub that works with the bundled belt clip, and another without. It also came with two covers for the trackwheel: one with a small mechanical assembly which mimicked standard scrolling action, and another which just provided a nub that required some awkward thumbing in order to do its thing. Beyond that, you just slip the BlackBerry 8700 into the top of the case, lock in the bottom half and close the latch.

OtterBox 8The 8800’s case required a bit more work to set up, although it makes for a pretty interesting package. First off, you’ve got a form-fitted cover which protects both the screen and the keypad. As with most screen protectors, you need to push out those bubbles, and no matter how hard you try, there’s always a little something left. There were way fewer problems with Proporta’s screen protectors on that front. The keypad cover is great, though – there’s a hole for trackball access and another for the phone receiver, although they could result in some water leakage into the device. After that, there’s two halves of a hard case which clamp on the front and back which click together along the sides. The final layer of protection is a rubber skin which fits on top of the whole thing.


  • Dave

    Excellent review – i think i’ll take a closer look at that 8800 case and the GPS case… ski season’s approaching ;)