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It’s hard to not be impressed by OtterBox. They simply make good, solid products with the singular goal of being tough. The OtterBox 1933 suffers slightly from its innovative new design, mainly in keeping the outer layer snug, and minimizing screen bubbles, but these are minor setbacks for something that provides solid all-around protection in a highly presentable case. The OtterBox 1930, although older and a little finnicky with the trackwheel, does exactly what it says it does, which is a rare treat. Based on Jamil’s preference, we’re going to give it the edge versus the 1933. The OtterBox 1930 gets 4 Big Bad BlackBerrys out of 5, and the OtterBox 1933 gets a still-respectable 3.5 Triple-Decker Treatments out of 5.

As for the two boxes, they’re tough and watertight, which is about all you can ask from heavy-duty storage. Although they’re a little outside the BlackBerry sphere, we still give the OtterBox 1600 and OtterBox 2500 top marks, and are a good buy for any outdoorsy types looking to keep their stuff dry and secure.

If you want to get your hands on these puppies, you can grab the OtterBox 1930 for the BlackBerry 8700 right over here, and the OtterBox 1933 for the BlackBerry 8800 here.

- OtterBox 1930 for the BlackBerry 8700
- OtterBox 1933 for the BlackBerry 8800

UPDATE! Be sure to check out our look at the new Curve and Pearl cases on the next page, including video!

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