BlackBerry 8320 has video recording?

BlackBerry 8320sI don’t know if we can chalk this up to faulty copy writing, but word has it that T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320 has video clip recording available. Video recording is something a lot of folks are looking for, it’s surprising that it’s a feature that slipped under the radar. Since the 8320 just came out yesterday, maybe some of you fine readers out there who picked one up can confirm or deny these rumors.

UPDATE: The overwhelming majority has spoken, and confirmed that the 8320 doesn’t have any video capture capabilities at present. Either T-Mobile’s let the cat out of the bag on an upcoming feature, or it’s just a full-blown marketing screwup.

29 Responses to “BlackBerry 8320 has video recording?”

  1. 1 shlammed

    Not sure where this rumour came from but no it’s not true.

  2. 2 andy

    If it is there, it isn’t easy to find. i haven’t been able to find anything related to capturing video clips. boo hoo.

  3. 3 Chris Flynn

    Its bull…. Sorry all… Maybe with OS 4.3…..

  4. 4 Aston Wilcox

    false false false. u might as well delete this blog post

  5. 5 lamar

    That is so true……go to the t-mobile website and look at the phone, it says in fact it does have video recording

  6. 6 b.N

    I would quickly take this down. There is no video capture utility built in. The version OS that comes with the 8320 is still 4.2.2 and RIM has not added the ability to the OS. I’m a lil shocked bbc would put this up when it couldve easily been verified before it went up and started a baseless buzz.

  7. 7 wolwol

    only 4.3 ;)
    thats for sure :D

  8. 8 Nick

    The rumor came from the T-Mobile website:
    “Capture short video clips to keep for yourself or share with friends and family.”

  9. 9 shlammed

    I have an 8320 in my hand right now…don’t tell me its true because its not.

  10. 10 Jake

    Are you still putting out part 2 of the BG interview. What’s the delay pretty soon it will be dated.

  11. 11 BMan

    T-Mobile did the same thing when the 8800 was released, why is it so hard for them to get their specs right?

  12. 12 Squished Squirrel

    What gets me is that video capture on the Curve should be a no-brainer for RIM. I’d bet money that the CMOS sensor that RIM used for the Curve and the upcoming Pearl II has on-chip M-JPEG compression. It would be pretty stupid not to use a camera that doesn’t do the compression for you, so all you have to do is handle multiplexing the audio and video into an AVI. Even a pathetic CPU can manage that. For example, here is a 2Mpixel smartphone camera sensor that can do 30FPS M-JPEG output at SVGA size… forget just VGA size.

  13. 13 BB lover

    I FOUND IT. Yes another clue. create an email, use the menu to attach a file. It provides a folder directory to search including, music, photos and VIDEO. Interesting that such a folder is there. Also the BES server has a new it policy in the .4 service pack that controls ‘video recording’. It looks like it is coming.

  14. 14 dekaderse

    What type of video does the 8320 accept on the sd card to play, I’ve tried a lot of different types I get audio but no visual.

  15. 15 DmanCeo

    I just called TMobile and talke to the BB customer service support and they verified that it’s in the works.

  16. 16 Similak

    Yep, it’s a comin’:

  17. 17 riper81

    From all bb I really love the this 8320. Love the wifi that was really missing from the 8300… I’m just waiting for the new bb os to start shooting videos

  18. 18 Sin

    Not sure as to when-butvideo recording will be the ONLY new add on to the new bb-free download for other phones once the new bb is out-look for something around a special day or holiday-Feb. Maybe

  19. 19 cecile


  20. 20 Sandra D.

    I work for an T-Mobile Exclusive dealer and no it does not have it. Why they advertised that it did I do not know but I also have the BB Curve 8310 from AT+T & it als o does not have video capabilities, but the BB Pearl (8100 Series) phones do although the Curve (8300 Series) is 50 to 100 dollars more. ??????????

  21. 21 Crackberry Abuser

    Um, yes it does, I have it on my 8320…download the OS 4.5 and you will see……it’s only a beta version but it has rocked my socks ever since I downloaded it…enjoy!

  22. 22 Manmeet

    I have BB 8320 and it doesn’t have video capturing and I am sure about it.

  23. 23 Blackberry 8320

    I have a 8320..and yes it has a videocamera on it..look on youtube and you can see that it’s real..(although not is a beta version of it) but it seems to be pretty stable for as long as i had it.

  24. 24 Bartouille


    In fact 8320 HAVE video recording ability but the 4.2 version of the OS don’t provide the soft to use it. Simply upgrade to OS 4.5 and the recorder will be installed on your BB.
    I have a 8320, I’ve upgraded and I made videos.

  25. 25 RG

    This is possible upgrading the device OS instructions here, specific for 8320:

  26. 26 andar909

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

  27. 27 tekrhino

    Its true, I have an 8320 with the 4.5 OS and it does have Video recording.

    You must install a media card in order to be able to record.
    I have tried it and it works quite well with as much recording on one take as the media card will hold

  28. 28 erMogo

    There’s not any video app in the 8320… And even in the BBmsn does not let you transmit video…the only way i found was to shoot a video with a Nokia pass it on to the BB by Bluetooth then sheare it with the hotmail MSN…

  29. 29 RodneyRod

    THIS IS POSSIBLE!!! You must update your BlackBery Device Software to the new 4.5 OS. NO, not your desktop manager, your actually BB phone software. You can easily download this from on to your home computer and use desktop manager to install the new BB OS. NOW, the only thing that you may have to buy if you havnt already is a flash memory card. Simply the blackberry phone alone does not have enough memory to save video. And every blackberry 8320 has a memory flash slot located behind the battery of your phone.


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