The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 2)


Boy GeniusBy popular demand, we’ve got round two of our interview with the preeminent tech blogger Boy Genius. BlackBerry Cool’s EIC Doug Soltys yaks it up with the Big BG about leaks, carriers, manufacturers, advertisers, MVNOs, and the iPhone. Without further ado, here‘s the podcast for your listening pleasure. (Also on iTunes, if that’s your bag.)

  • Jake

    Goody, now could you put it in a format that my mobile can read like mp3? Doesn’t do mp4.

  • ItWasRimsFault

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Man, I have never seen a follow up take so long since Sprint called me yesterday about a trouble-ticket I opened up in April!

    Glad to see it’s up though.

    I was just figuring it was RIM’s BIS screwing up again and not updating my Viigio RSS feeder!

  • TheBBGuy

    What’s going on with the iTunes feed? It hasn’t updated the last 2 podcasts.

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