Sling on BlackBerry confirmed

SlingEarlier rumors of Slingbox support for BlackBerry has been confirmed by Pocket Lint today. Some ambitious reports have claimed the world will have 120 million people watching TV on their mobiles by 2012, which is saying something considering we’re sitting at under 12 million viewers right now. Even if Sling’s BlackBerry support doesn’t come soon, Sprint’s 8120 will be packing some streaming video service. Would you guys want to watch TV on your BlackBerry?

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  1. 1 Sal

    Yes, I would. I have had my blackberry for about 3months and I come from a Verizon Treo 700wx and I enjoyed my slingbox. I do have one concern about the speed of EDGE and the quality of the stream :\

    - Sal

  2. 2 Dan

    Absolutely!!! But will it actually work on EDGE devices or is it possible it will only work on the Wi-Fi enabled Blackberry?

  3. 3 N17R0

    That would be amazing. Im on business right now connected to my slingbox watching my local sports. I just purchased my blackberry curve and am already drooling over the thought of connecting to my slingbox from my curve….::drool:: ;x

  4. 4 Vic Weber

    Won’t work over Edge. You’ll need 3G or WiFi. But you can watch offline tv on your Blackberry with this:

  5. 5 Tim

    Sling works well with edge on all of my windows devices. occasionally a chop here and there but EDGE should run sling just fine. I mean I average 125kbs and 6 fps on my treo 750 I wish that they would come out with it for my RIM 8310!!!

  1. 1 Sling coming to BlackBerry | BlackBerry Cool

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