Free long distance calls within Canada on your BlackBerry

LyppObviously, when we heard that Lypp was offering free long distance calls to Canadian BlackBerry users, we guffawed in disbelief. Of course, the bit where they take a jab at Canadian wireless rates got us on their side. Supposedly, Lypp is offering their service for free until the end of October. We’re jumping through the registration hoops now to see how well it all works. Any other Canucks in the house should give this a shot to see if it really is too good to be true.

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  1. 1 Daniel Gibbons

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for writing about Lypp’s plans. Yes we are indeed offering our service free until the end of October. After that point we will be charging but offering much lower rates than the carriers.

    We’ll be making the site and registration process a little friendlier, too. The bottom line is simple: Lypp uses the Instant Messaging service on your BlackBerry to send a request to our private network. We initiate an outbound call to you from our toll free number and connect you to the other party.

    As I’m sure you are aware there are lots of unlimited incoming calls packages available in Canada, which means you won’t even use up local minutes in your plan. Looking forward to your feedback.
    Daniel Gibbons
    Lypp Co-Founder

  2. 2 Mathieu Gilbert

    I tried registering with them on the website and it doesn`t work. They do not add me either on their msn or Gtalk buddy list.

  3. 3 Daniel Gibbons

    Hi Mathieu,
    If you send more details to we’ll get you up and running. Did you follow all of the registration steps before adding the Lypp buddy?

  4. 4 Moe A

    Just tested it out. Works GREAT! I really like the fact that I’m the only one who sees the 1-866 number and the other party sees my number on their call display. I’ve used other similar products and that’s one of my biggest problems with those services. Thanks.

  5. 5 Mathieu Gilbert

    Thanks for the reply, Looking forward to give your service a try.

    For anybody else interested in this service, I also recieved this email:

    Our Google Talk service is temporarily offline, so you may not have been able to complete the signup process or send commands to the Lypp buddy or make calls.

    We expect to have GTalk back in service and calling through Google Talk should be fully functional very soon. Thanks for your patience and our apologies for the inconvenience.

    The Lypp Team

  6. 6 Mathieu Gilbert

    Everything is working now

  7. 7 Jase88

    I tried the service today, and I was pleased with the simplicity of the sign-up process. Initiating a call is straightforward and quick. Voice quality is great.

    Of course I’m curious about the pricing and payment options. Hopefully this information will be published soon.

  8. 8 RC

    Why only on BlackBerry? Why not on Windows Mobile or PC clients?

  9. 9 Daniel Gibbons

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. We’ve had a couple of glitches with the Google Talk Bot but we expect these will be fully resolved this week. Pricing information will be available in October, but the bottom line is the savings will be large…

    We are creating a Lypp Evangelist program for the first users of the service. This program will provide members with early access to additional features, preferential pricing when we roll out our paid packages and essentially a way of making sure your voice is heard when it comes to shaping our service.

    If any of you would like to be included in this program, please let me know at

  10. 10 Daniel Gibbons

    rc: the service will work on your desktop or any device with IM capabilities but we have chosen to position it to blackberry users simply because they tend to be heavy cellphone users. Feel free to sign up and try the service - as long as you have aim, MSN, gtalk / jabber or yahoo.

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