More BlackBerry 8100 colours in the works

Pearl ColoursThe sharp-eyed Miblackberry has noticed that RIM’s site for the Pearl is showing a few colours we haven’t seen yet. We can cross red, blue, gold, black and white from the list, but orange, dark grey (titanium?), and a black/white combo are all alluded to. Any guesses on who’s going to be packing the other shades?

4 Responses to “More BlackBerry 8100 colours in the works”

  1. 1 JJ

    Although this is mere speculation, I believe the “orange” is T-Mobile’s “Sunset” and the red is AT&T’s red. As for the black/white, I notice some cariers have an all black, while others have black with a center row of gray/white keys. This may be what they are referring to in the photo. But then again, maybe not…

  2. 2 alex

    t-mo black
    t-mo white
    att red
    t-mo sunset
    t-mo pearl blue
    t-mo pale gold
    att dark gray
    suncom/cb two-toned

  3. 3 Ja