New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available

Miblackberry just spotted a new BlackBerry 8300 desktop cradle from BoxWave, featuring an optional extra battery recharge slot. This cradle will do the job, sure, but where’s the style? Just take a look at the BerryBuddy, and you’ve got something that does your device’s good looks justice. (Speaking of which, the BerryBuddy charger for the BlackBerry 8100 is set to launch on the 17th.) BoxWave’s deal will cost you $52.95 for the spare battery charger model, and $32.95 for the standard.

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2 Responses to “New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available”

  1. 1 PacketRat

    Why does it have the side usb plug when the 8300 has the dual contacts on back?

  2. 2 Jim Falcer

    I ordered this blackberry curve cradle last week from eAccess and it is the same thing for a whole lot less. I paid only $19.95 for the additional blackberry charging model. Here it is if you want to compare:
    I can vouch, it works great!

  1. 1 New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available
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