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Daylite 3.5 lets Mac users get their BB sync on


MarketcircleMarketcircle recently announced an update to their Daylite productivity tool. A quick look over to their blog reveals the big changes, namely turning a single-device sync application into a calendar and contact sharing service for up to 50 users. They’ve included a Trash bin to give you a little extra wriggle room when it comes to accidental deletes, and around 300 help articles to help you work your way around the software. If BlackBerry isn’t your thing and you’re all about the Apple, Daylite works with the iPhone and iPod, in addition to Windows Mobile and Palm devices. If your Mac-ified office could use something like this, check out Marketcircle’s site.

BES and BlackBerry 8800 launched in Uganda


8800RIM announced yesterday that Celtel Uganda with the help of Emitac Mobile Solutions is now offering BlackBerry Enterprise Service and the BlackBerry 8800 to corporate customers. Celtel’s also supporting East Africa’s One network, so visitors from the neighbourhood can get their roaming groove on.

“We continue to extend the global availability of the BlackBerry solution and are pleased to be launching today in Uganda with Celtel and EMS. BlackBerry smartphones are a great choice for individuals that strive to be more productive, flexible and ultimately more successful in work and life,” said Charmaine Eggberry, Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA at Research In Motion.

BlackBerry 8320 has video recording?


BlackBerry 8320sI don’t know if we can chalk this up to faulty copy writing, but word has it that T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320 has video clip recording available. Video recording is something a lot of folks are looking for, it’s surprising that it’s a feature that slipped under the radar. Since the 8320 just came out yesterday, maybe some of you fine readers out there who picked one up can confirm or deny these rumors.

UPDATE: The overwhelming majority has spoken, and confirmed that the 8320 doesn’t have any video capture capabilities at present. Either T-Mobile’s let the cat out of the bag on an upcoming feature, or it’s just a full-blown marketing screwup.

Screenshot behind the jump.

RIM gets EAL security accreditation


Gold StarRIM announced today from Rome that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and handheld software have received Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2 augmented at the 8th International Common Criteria Conference. “Common Criteria,” whatnow? Common Criteria is a security evaluation standard, meaning BlackBerrys aren’t necessarily meeting specific security features, but are rather categorizing all of their characteristics so that they can be evaluated within the same framework as other technologies. This makes testing a lot easier, since everything within the Common Criteria is covering the same bases. CC blankets a range of IT equipment across 25 countries, but BlackBerrys are the first mobiles to get on the list. Go RIM! Gold star time.

Air Canada OKs BlackBerry boarding passes


Air CanadaNot only BlackBerrys, but PDAs, Treos, and standard mobile phones which can display a 2D barcode will now be able to have their Air Canada boarding passes on their handhelds.

Air Canada said the mobile-check in service, which is available at, has been improved to enable customers to receive an electronic boarding pass in SMS form, which can be shown to airport security screen staff and Air Canada gate agents, rather than a paper board pass. … According to the airline, the mobile boarding pass uses recent, secure mobile and 2-D barcode technologies to help simplify the travel experience for its customers. The customer enters information such as their name, departure city and their Aeroplan number, booking reference or credit card number and then enters their mobile number to receive the pass if their device supports 2-D barcode technology.

More BlackBerry 8100 colours in the works


Pearl ColoursThe sharp-eyed Miblackberry has noticed that RIM’s site for the Pearl is showing a few colours we haven’t seen yet. We can cross red, blue, gold, black and white from the list, but orange, dark grey (titanium?), and a black/white combo are all alluded to. Any guesses on who’s going to be packing the other shades?