Web Desktop Manager available


Wen Desktop ManagerThe Web Desktop Manager we caught glimpses of a few months ago is in full deployment now, The big selling point for using the web-based client is enterprises won’t have to be continually updating their desktop software. Additionally, Mac users will finally have a reliable way of working their BlackBerrys with their computers. The Web Desktop Manager offers all the same functionality as your regular Desktop Manager for installing BlackBerry software, backing up information, switching devices and adding media. For the full docs, take a look over here.

Thanks Josep!

  • Nona Maas

    Regarding Mac users – not true. From the docs:

    By default, when users open and log in to the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager for the first time, the browser prompts them to accept a client authentication certificate and install the required RIMWebComponents.cab file. The RIMWebComponents.cab file provides the BlackBerry® Device Manager and USB drivers required to use the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager. To install these components, users
    must log in to their computers as a local administrator.

    Looks like another Windows only solution.

  • David

    I could find no support for Macs.

  • http://coreygilmore.com/ Corey Gilmore

    There is no Mac support. The docs say it requires Win2k (SP4+) or XP with IE 5.5+. No mention of Vista. You also need to add the Desktop Manager website as a trusted or intranet site and ensure that sites in those zones can download and run ActiveX controls.

    I’m not sure if it’s substantially easier (and straightforward) to push out those settings than to deploy the standard desktop manager MSI.

  • Wulah Cooper

    True, David. There’s no support for Mac. The file is .exe. It’s sad they don’t have a version for Mac users. I am hoping RIM will release a Mac version.

  • Justin

    I agree I was really excited when I read this, but when you go to download there is only an exe file. No such luck for the Mac as far as I can see.

  • http://www.valska.com/wp Joan

    Unless I’m searching for it in the wrong places, I couldn’t find any downloads for Mac.

  • http://WWW.BLACKBERRY.COM Yaw Baffoe

    I bought a BLACKBERRY 7100t off the internet and set it up yesterday. I upgraded the system from Tmobile from 3.8 to 4.1. Everything was working great until…I tried to change the theme. The screen now has a white screen with an hour glass. It has been going for 2-3 hour now. I have tried removing the battery, but that did not help. I tried to use the desktop manager to backup/restore, but it does not find a restore. I have gone to application loader and the system connects. I tried the advanced button, and tried to erase, but after a half hour, it could not detect the unit. Can someone please help me? Thanks.