Preview: DataVault 4.3


DataVault 8A recent addition that extends DataVault’s straight-up password keeping function has been an e-mail encryption utility, which puts a menu option into your BlackBerry’s standard e-mail interface to scramble a message you’re writing or decode one you’re receiving. Both sender and receiver need to decide on a password to enable the process, but when dealing with particularly sensitive information, having that extra layer of security is a welcome feature. I happened to have BBSmart running to turn my e-mails into pseudo-HTML, but that also changed my menu around so that DataVault’s options didn’t show up. BBSmart does have the option switch to plain view pretty quickly, which fixed the problem without much issue.

DataVault 7Another handy feature is the ability to import notes from your BlackBerry’s MemoPad if you needed to get something down quick and didn’t have time to boot up DataVault. Beyond that, DataVault can apply information you’ve saved to certain web forms in BlackBerry’s browser. Combined with DataVault’s syncing with the desktop client (which also saves information for forms viewed Firefox and Internet Explorer), you could have all of the passwords that are saved on your computer’s browser ported over and automated on your BlackBerry, and vice versa.