Preview: DataVault 4.3



DataVault 1Functionality
First off, we’re up to 20 templates from the original 13. The great thing about these templates is they really are just suggestions, as all of their fields can be changed on a dime. For example, when I was putting in some registration keys, it seemed redundant that there was a name field and a product field, so I took out one and left the other. If the suggested password templates ranging from Driver’s Liscence to Prescriptions to Travel Clubs don’t cover your bases, you can cook up your own in a heartbeat, allowing you to quickly replicate the same kinds of passwords. It’s set up in a real simple table format which lets you show as many or as few fields as you like. It tops out at 10 columns, but I couldn’t imagine any given password needing more associated information than that.

DataVault 2The software also has the ability to export information from DataVault into an encrypted, password-protected DVX file, for quick sharing among a trusted circle of contacts. These can be shared by Bluetooth, straight from your BlackBerry’s e-mail, or over desktop. One issue is that when e-mailing DVX files directly from DataVault, you aren’t using the native e-mail viewer and although you have access to the address book, you’ll be missing out on some functionality. If push comes to shove, you attach the exported file into a fresh e-mail.


At the core, DataVault is a highly customizable data management program with plenty of options for sharing, securing and implementing the information you have tightly locked away. $29.95 isn’t chump change, but for something you know you’ll use, it’s a reasonable price. Versus free alternatives, such as BlackBerry’s built-in Password keeper and the recently-released Keepass, DataVault’s features are more robust and offer a wide range of utilities. For your casual user, DataVault might be a bit overkill, but if you’re legitimately concerned about your information’s security, and need the full range of functionality, there’s little out there that can beat DataVault. We give DataVault 4 Padlocks out of 5. Keep an eye out for version 4.3 by the end of the week!

4.0 – Ascendo DataVault