New free theme from Gemblock


SapphireSapphire’s just been released recently for the BlackBerry 8100 on Gemblock, a free theme site that’s been gathering a lot of steam lately. We linked up Gemblock on our Free Themes page not too long ago, and it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m using Flamboyant right now, and it is pretty damned slick. Artem Cheban, Gemblock’s admin, is a young guy still in school but if he keeps pumping out themes of this quality, we wouldn’t be surprised if his stuff started ending up on Bplay’s shelves. So grab those Gemblock themes while they’re free!

  • Zune Tricks

    I INSTALLED IT AND Now my blackberry is rebooting constantly without ever getting to the menu.

    I have a sprint 8703e and Sprint won’t take it back because I installed a theme.

    Blackberrycool want to send me $300 for my bricked blackberry?

  • Artem Cheban


    I clearly state on the download page for the 8700 that you need Handheld OS Version of 4.2.1 to run the theme successfully, so I beleive that it’s not my fault.

    In the email that you send BBCool, you mentioned that other people said it was a virus… Are you kidding me? Look at the replys that I get on my themes on my site and other forums!

    Artem Cheban

  • Zune Tricks

    Yes Artem,

    I see now the page for the 8700 states OS 4.2.1 required, but I did not see it before. And since the Sprint Repair center manager asked me if I had bricked my blackberry by “installing a theme or program” and I said yes. He explained that it was the third incident that week.

    So apperently it’s not as obvious to everyone.

    And by the way OS 4.2.1 is NOT standard in MOST 8700 series blackberries (unless you just got it) so I’d guess that MOST people would have 4.1 like myself.

    I found that out when I tried to install the Facebook up which requires 4.2.1 and surprisingly told me I had the wrong version of my OS instead of bricking my Blackberry.

    I’m a developer myself. I understand users don’t read all the instructions but PLEASE WARN EVERYONE because even the smart guys in the room are a little blind when they see something cool to install ;-)

  • Artem Cheban


    The required O.S. was always there.

    And I have no choice to export to OS verions other than 4.2.1 and 4.2.2… I am aware that it’s not the standard.

    So did you get the phone working?

    Also, since your a developer, do you have the ability to add a today+ or L dimention export function to Plazmic Theme Builder? That’s what does.

    Let me know how much it will cost me if you can do that. :)

  • swamp_donkey

    Do you programmer dudes line up and blow each other?