GooSync Contacts released

The Google syncing app, GooSync, is now featuring contact synchronization between handheld and Google account with their premium accounts. We’re not so hot about subscription-based services, but if this one gets the job done, more power to ‘em. GooSync still offers a free service which lets you sync calendars (including all-day and recurring appointments), which is a pretty sweet deal. We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys to see what other Google services they manage to sync up with our BlackBerrys - heck, they may even manage to get the £19.95 / year from us if they get just a few more in there.

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GooSync Contacts released - : Your Number One BlackBerry Community
October 24th, 2007 at 3:21 pm

[…] calendar and contacts for ?19.95 a year? Meh. Get a few more apps in there, then we?ll talk. GooSync Contacts released | BlackBerry Cool BlackBerry Cool - the voice of the BlackBerry […]

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