Japanese language support expands


KanjiNTT DoCoMo has announced that their Nanimail application, which facilitates Japanese character recognition, will be compatible with the BlackBerry 8300, 8800, 8820, and 8830 on November 1st, with 8100 and 7100 software coming out December 1st. Oddly, this app was developed by DoCoMo’s American branch; you’d think that when it comes to writing Japanese, you’d want to keep operations at home. In any case, this character input software complements the Japanese language support update to the BlackBerry OS back in July, and should offer our buddies across the pond a full-bodied BlackBerry experience.

  • http://www.bbJisyo.com adam

    Please take a look at the first fully functional Japanese English dictonary for the Blackberry (kanji input etc. supported). http://www.bbJisyo.com

  • Jose

    I would like to know how I can download the Japanese language pack to my BB 8820. Thank you in advance!