Review: BerryBUDDY

The Pearl itself docks in very easily to the side USB port, needing just a bit of a wriggle to get hooked up. The beveled left side lets you undock quickly and easily, although because of the slope, if you pop the BlackBerry out too fast it can slip out. We’re looking forward to see the next BerryBUDDYs fitting Curve and 88XX models just as snugly.

Our 8100 charged from nothing to full in about 2 hours (your mileage may vary). We were curious why include the two plugs, instead of just counting on one from the computer to do the charging. Apparently charging right from your desktop doesn’t pump out the full 5V that the battery can handle. The dual-input allows you to both sync and charge at top efficiency. We also did an OS update for the pearl using the dock without a hitch. Our primary gripe with the BerryBUDDY is that top blue LED indicator for the computer connection. It is blinding. Not just a little “eh, that could be dimmer” kind of blinding. It’s more like “why must my desk be occupied by a tiny sun which is gradually burning out my retinas?”-level of blinding. We’re assured that this is going to change, but for now, this probably isn’t something you want staring at you all day long. Your optician will thank you for placing some strategic sticky-tack over that light. The ShowMate’s charger was just about as bad, but it isn’t sitting on your desk the whole day.

I’d leave the BerryBUDDY on my desk if that LED wasn’t so bad. It’s a tragedy, really, because the rest of the charger is outstandingly nice. No doubt in a couple of months time, the newer models with more bearable indicators will be in full distribution, but for now the thing is giving me a headache. We’re going to give the BerryBuddy a 3.5 Angry Blue Stars 5, which would be a 4 if it weren’t for that one niggling issue. Interested? You can grab one for $49.99 over here.

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Artem Cheban
October 31st, 2007 at 4:07 pm

Love the theme choice ;)

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