Firefox going mobile

FirefoxMozilla has made their intentions for mobile browsing loud and clear in a recent blog post, having announced two new hires and an eye to the mobile experience while they develop their next generation of Firefox. The BlackBerry Browser has had its chops busted by the community as a whole, but we’ve had a sneak peak at the next one, which will include tabbed browsing and a search bar. Is Firefox going to put a dent into the mobile browsing market, or is RIM about to catch up?

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  1. 1 phlo

    a] Check out Opera mini. It’s better than whatever trash Mozilla’s gonna produce and it’s here now

    b] BlackBerries aren’t known for their excessive processor power or loads of RAM. Given Firefox’s track record, you won’t want to use Fx on a BB.

    c] RIM doesn’t have to “catch up” ’cause Firefox mobile does not exist yet and won’t likely do so in the next few months.

  2. 2 Emoric

    I would to give it a try. I would love give it a try. I’m using Opera at the moment but I def like to use some tabbed browsing!

  3. 3 Rkive

    If firefox went mobile I’d delete opera in a seccond. This opera mini is garbage. Its slow and hardley works correctly for most places I visit. I got the new bb and I can’t go to u tube like it says it can and there’s no one ever around to help me with my problems. Ev erytime I ask for help they act all snoty and don’t know what to do

  4. 4 jjonzz

    Rkive, what kind of BlackBerry did you get? I bought a Pearl recently and it plays YouTube just fine through Opera mini.

  5. 5 peter c

    opera mini text is too tiny for a BB curve8320- hurry up firefox for blacky berrys

  6. 6 Milli

    doues any of u hv a javelin? i’d looove to use another browser other than the default one on my device (web n’ walk,its quite OK tho). opera mini? tried it for a day and decided to remove it right away. Rkive, u r right. its probably the system’s not compatible or something. any suggestion?

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