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Review: BerryBUDDY


BBuddy 1We spotted the BerryBUDDY a few months ago, and were impressed by the charger’s visuals alone. To be fair, that’s about all a charger has to run on, since getting your handheld juiced up and connected to your desktop is a pretty straightforward affair. The BerryBUDDY’s debut for the BlackBerry Pearl and its cousins is a bold one, being one of the few chargers packing serious class. Let’s take a quick look at the BerryBUDDY and see how he performs.

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Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130 due November 23?


BlackBerry 8130sAs we close in on the established November timeframe for the BlackBerry 8130 from Sprint, the leaks start coming in like bad plumbing. Not only have some docs confirmed a 23rd. release date for an amethyst Pearl, but there’s also word of some new BlackBerry plans, including an unlimited-data-and -SMS BIS deal for $30. That sucker also includes unlimited Navigator use on that shiny new BlackBerry 8130. Fine time to to switch to Sprint, eh?

Rove updates Mobile Citrix Client to 2.0


RoveSo long as we’re talking about Ottawa companies, Rove has announced an update to their Mobile Citrix Client, featuring a brand-spanking-new interface and Secure Gateway compatibility. As ever, the Mobile Citrix Client lets you access programs on your Citrix server on your BlackBerry, only this update uses a web interface to cut down on bandwidth usage.

Cognos 8 Go! Mobile released


CognosAfter checking out an impressive list of must-have apps on BlackBerry, we noticed Go! Mobile from local boys, Cognos, topping the list. It’s been a year now since announcing BlackBerry support, and true to their word, Cognos launched the enterprise solution. Go! Mobile works off of Cognos’ Business Intelligence, which is a web-based information framework for businesses, which mostly means sharing reports and graphs online, which sounds way less exciting. As drab as they may be, charts are key in enterprise, and after trying out the demo I can see why it made Bootstrap’s list. If keeping an eye on pie charts has anything to do with your job, Go! Mobile is worth looking into.

BlackBerry Daylight Savings mix-up


Broken ClockWe haven’t had any problems up here, but there are reports that this last weekend a lot of folks had their BlackBerry clocks automatically set back an hour for daylight savings. The problem is that back in ’05, a bill was passed to change the DST date to the first weekend of November, rather than the last weekend of October, but the change wouldn’t happen until now so that device manufacturers could adjust their automated settings. The long and short is, if your device was made before then, you might have gotten a little mixed up. A bit late now, maybe, but you can fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again next year by downloading a patch over the air available at

BlackBerry JDE 4.3 available for download


BBLogoWe’ve got some good news for the devs out there. We’ve received word that the BlackBerry Desktop Environment v.4.3 is now available for download, complete with Vista compatibility. With the JDE out, we can now keep our eyes good and peeled for a 4.3 Desktop Manager, or better yet an OS upgrade. Of course, we gotta give developers a bit of a head start to pump out the software we love so very, very much. You can check out some of the new features in the documentation.