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Pinstack choses their top apps


Gold starPinstack, the biggest honkin’ BlackBerry message board out there, has announced their Five Star picks for BlackBerry software. The people who live and breathe BlackBerry every day have chosen these as their top picks, so if you’re new to the scene, you can count on these programs being top notch. We’re glad to see a bunch of apps on here from folks we know, like Sudoku and KaGlom from Magmic, Virtual Reach’s Viigo, and Ascendo made the list too, although Data Vault was bumped out by SplashID.

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Chart the stars on your BlackBerry


StarsStargazers are in for a bit of a treat today, as Starry Night has announced that that their sky-charting software is now available for free on BlackBerry and iPhone. All you have to do is punch in your ZIP or postal code and you’ll get some coordinates. You can set the time and date of the map, as well as which direction you’re facing. On top of that, if your device is packing GPS, it’ll grab the coordinates from there. For anyone who’s into astronomy, you can download over the air from We’d be interested in seeing what the coverage is like for their maps, so anyone outside of North America, feel free to drop a comment and let us know how Starry Night works.

Most people don’t want phones on planes, Europe tries to get them on anyway


PlanesEurope is moving ahead with plans to get mobile phone usage on planes while in flight, but according to a recent survey from TripAdvisor, a wooping 78% said they don’t want to be seated next to someone using a cellphone. It’s not too surprising, considering flying tends to be close quarters for extended amounts of time, but how do BlackBerrys fit into the whole equation? First off, are data transmissions being taken into account in addition to voice when testing the new cellular technology in Europe? If not, that could put an end to BlackBerrys on planes pretty quickly. Would fliers be as by bothered by someone discreetly thumbing out e-mails as someone yakking away in their ear? Probably not. We’ll see what the airlines do, and with any luck, we’ll get to thumb to our hearts’ content the next time we cross the pond.

Plan your travelling on BlackBerry for free


Hayden posted this great free app called on Pinstack, WorldMate Live, which lets you manage flight information right from your BlackBerry. Let’s let the video do the talking, because it’s pretty good.

Pocket Express
offers free flight status checking too, but if you’re looking for a single dedicated this looks like the ticket. You can download WorldMate Live to your desktop here or over the air here.

More BlackBerry Unite! info


UniteBack when Telefonica busted out the BlackBerry 8120, they also announced their free small group syncing solution, BlackBerry Unite! Well, Josep spotted a demo from RIM which goes over the key features, as well as links to an information page. They break it down as benefits for family (such as accessing shared photos, calendars, contacts), and business (remote file viewing, device lock-down, security). Unite is looking sweeter than ever, and hopefully the presence of a site in English signals its arrival here in North America soon. It might only be for up to five devices and 10 e-mail accounts, but that’s pretty good value for a free download.

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Review: Quotestream


BlinkyI got my first taste of BlackBerry stock managing with Pocket Express, but it lacked some of the depth that I assumed stock-owning types would be looking for. With RIM doing so well this week, we thought it would be appropriate to try out Quotestream, which brings live stock information to your BlackBerry on an ongoing basis. Paired up with a versatile web interface as well as a desktop client that all synchronize, you can keep a close eye on your portfolio and exactly what it’s up to no matter where you are.
Sounds good? Let’s check it out.