Weekly Contest: Place your bets on Maps in Apps!

You might remember that we talked with Darrin Wilkey from Tele Atlas not too long ago about their Maps in Apps contest, which challenged developers to bring innovative and new location-based software to the table. Next week, they’re showcasing the three finalists at CTIA, and since we cover a fair bit of LBS news here at BBCool, we thought you guys would like to take a look at the potential winners and their Flash trailers.

First up, we have Slifter, a GPS-based shopping guide which helps you find the stores that have the stuff you’re looking for. Slifter can help you compare prices, generate a shopping list send information to friends, and even get you directions to the stores you want. The next finalist is PhoneTag Elite, a game where you’re assigned other, live players as targets and it’s your job to capture them. You have to be within a certain distance of your target to do so, but but the closer you get, the the bigger the prize. Spend your hard-won cash on spy gear to take down tougher targets. Last, but not least, we have Hollywood USA, which lets you access a database of real-world movie locations and how to get to them from your current location. This is a surefire winner for traveling film buffs, and Cutlass’ database of movies is ever-expanding.

Decisions, decisions… I’m a sucker for location-based games like Plundr, so I’m leaning towards PhoneTag Elite, but maybe you guys have another opinion. How does this sound: place your bets in the comments section. If your choice wins, you get a free game from Magmic. Sweet deal, huh? Take a look at the entrants, and if you live in the U.S., you can even give the apps a shot. Let us know how they run and what you liked best about your choice. Don’t forget to drop an actual vote at Tele Atlas’ site, too!

Sorry that the last contest had to be cut short, we just wanted to get back into the regular Friday groove of things after the Pronto contest threw us off. Despite only having a few days, Monday’s Pearls Aplenty got plenty of attention, and some pretty beefy entries. Dave Hughes seemed to think that future Pearls will pack projection technology, which is a cool dream to hold onto, but we’ll have to go with Chris L. as our winner this week. He pulled in some interesting points about the Pearl’s proportions and mathematically-founded aesthetics, about key features future Pearls will need to have, as well as where the Pearl fits in with the other BlackBerrys abd future competitors. Thanks everyone for your entries, and we hope to see you again this week!

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