Review: bThink



bThink 4Functionality
One thing that took some getting used to was solely using the trackball to pull up the menu, as the Menu key only pulls up a Close option. Strange, considering how closely everything else works with the default set-up. There also seemed to be some duplication issues, such as multiple bThink entries in the Options menu, and some reminders had to be snoozed or dismissed a couple of times before they would go off screen.

$20 is a lot to spend on something that so closely resembles existing functions. Reminders and immediate access to e-mail and phone from those reminders is a nice touch, but seem like extra features that could easily be bThink 1 made obsolete by a small OS patch. If you’re the type that uses Tasks religiously and could use something with a little more oompf, this could be the app for you. As is, we feel it’s a bit pricey for what it does, so bThink will get 3 Busy B’s out of 5, which would get bumped up to 3.5 if it were in the $10 range. If you’re looking to give bThink a shot, you can pick it up over here.