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PillsRonen just spotted some cool new free medical software for BlackBerry called Epocrates Rx. Epocrates is a drug and formulary reference guide, allowing for quick dosing, side-effects, monitoring, pharmacology and pricing information across over 3,300 drugs. This is the first BlackBerry software Epocrates is offering, but they have a bunch of deluxe packages for Palm and Windows Mobile that can hopefully be ported over to BlackBerrys soon.

  • Jorge
    Gracias, excelente
  • Daniel
    I have had a subscription to Epocrates RX Pro and while yes, it is a great program, it messed up every blackberry 8330 that I've run it on. I have talked to the techs at epocrates several times and they couldn't figure out why it would make the device freeze up. I had plenty of free memory available on my device and an 8GB microSD and it still made my device lag and even freeze. Even after I had removed it and all info on my card, my device still lagged when it hadn't before. This happened on both of my Curves, it may not happen to you but be careful when running it.
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  • Mike
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