The lazy man’s mobile search engine


Boopsie announced last week the launch of version 2 of their mobile search engine which covers Wikipedia, sports, weather, Google services, Facebook buddies, and a whole bunch of other channels. The kicker is that it works by inputting just the first few letters of search terms, and returns results automatically as you type, almost like SureType. Say, for example, you’re looking for a recipie on Epicurious for cranberry relish, and you just can’t bring yourself to type all those letters. All you have to do on Boopsie is type “cr re” and search results will pop right up. Standard cellphone users will probably get more out of this, but less typing is more time saved, no matter what device you’re packing. The only downside to Boopsie is that there’s a constant data transfer as you type, so make sure you have an unlimited data plan. If you’re set with that, you can download the free app over the air at

  • Oliver Place

    using boopsie is great, I use the same “lazy” search functions for the citysearch whenever I’m looking for a restaurant to eat at or place to go. I’ve been told it works particularly well with blackberry, although I’ve only used it on my Treo I like it all the same.

  • Jeff

    Boopsie makes my life so much easier. Being a new Blackberry owner, I love how simple it makes my searches. Definitely download this great application!

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    people should really be aware of the down side to avoid getting their bills exhausted