BlackBerry 8110 due early 2008?

BlackBerry logoJibi’s heard that the GPS-enabled Pearl will be coming to town early 2008, following up nicely on the 8130’s holiday performance. Great news and all, but is the 8120 not even entering into the picture, here? North America still hasn’t seen a glimmer of the Wi-Fi Pearl, and our buddies abroad have been enjoying it since the summer. C’mon RIM, show us some love.

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  1. 1 Craig Riddoch

    I got my 8120 here in Scotland UK early October and cannot live without my wifi setup.
    The 8120 should top any of RIMs international partners plans for roll out.
    I personally prefer wifi connectability over GPS any day.

  2. 2 Carole

    Email when the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 will be available for AT&T northamerica. I thank you much! Carole

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