Wi-Fi Alliance establishes VoIP standards


Wi-FiThe Wi-Fi Alliance, fine folks who set the standards for interoperability across Wi-Fi devices, has recently released a white paper which establishes a new certification geared specifically to handsets using VoIP. This Wi-Fi Certified Voice-Personal accreditation aims to ensure call quality by testing a, b, g, and n versions of Wi-Fi, protected-access 2, multimedia, and of particular interest to BlackBerry is the optional Power Save testing. These are all established certifications that the Wi-Fi Alliance has had for awhile now.

If RIM can meet the standards early on and gain certification just as Wi-Fi becomes widespread in their devices, it’ll be one more boastable notch on their belt. The real test will be when the Wi-Fi Alliance busts out their Voice-Enterprise certification in late ’08 based upon the results of Voice-Personal. Enterprise is obviously the BlackBerry’s home turf, so meeting the challenge of multiple access points and corporate-grade call security over UMA is clearly in its best interests. For more information, you can nab the white paper here with a quick and painless registration.