AT&T’s BlackBerry 8310 on sale for $99 this weekend

We don’t get this whole Black Friday craziness in Canada since our Thanksgiving was back in October, but with sales like $99 dollar Curves, maybe it’s time we pick up the “holiday”. AT&T’s sale will include a bunch of other phones that are also half off, but really, why would you want anything other than a Curve with GPS?

10 Responses to “AT&T’s BlackBerry 8310 on sale for $99 this weekend”

  1. 1 LG

    yes, the 8820 or 30 has all the toys and more. BTW, there is an easy workaround for unlocking the GPS available on the web through a simple google search. NBD

  2. 2 Jacky C.

    We need to get one of those.

  3. 3 Eddy

    I got my curve last Saturday for $200. Going in to ask for a $100 refund.
    Its a fantastic phone, though.

  4. 4 Alesha

    is the sale already over or what? I AM SO CONFUSED

  5. 5 laura mezzanotte

    I’m deaf. which kind blacberry for me that I can use relay tty phone huh?
    thank you

  6. 6 Dell

    i need to purchase a blackberry asap. what’s the best deal you can offer?


  7. 7 mike

    I was in China, the sale of BlackBerry 8310 8320 8800 8820 ultra low-cost substantial wholesale, welcome to inquire TKS

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