Free restauraunt tip calculator

Josep just pointed us to a handy, free, lightweight app that figures out how to split up restaurant bills, taking into account taxes and tips. Geotip even supports slightly more complicated taxing systems with more than one rate being applied to whatever you’re buying. If you go out often and usually split the bill, you can download this handy little thing to your desktop.

11 Responses to “Free restauraunt tip calculator”

  1. 1 Dave Hughes

    10% Tip? Must of been a really bad waitress.
    15 to 20% is more along the lines of an acceptable tip.

  2. 2 Wings

    In UK, 10% is a decent tip!

    Unlike the states we tend not to have to tip so heavily or to tip at all if the Service was bad!

  3. 3 Dave Hughes

    I’m guessing that anyone who owns a Blackberry is smart enough to calculate 10% in their head without the assistance of a calculator.
    But to each his own I guess.

  4. 4 Jacky C.

    Oh my god. Ask anyone (in the world) and they’ll tell you I’m the worst at math. This little thing is gonna come in handy for a fat-ass like myself =)

    I would also like to add that 10% is average and pretty damn decent here in Canada. Unless you’re at a ‘nicer’ place that charges an entree for $20-25 then the 15-20% range is more acceptable.

  5. 5 Kirk

    Tips should never be of $2 regardless of the total. I don’t believe in tips. Seriously.

  6. 6 Kirk

    I meant over $2.

  7. 7 Julio

    You all sound like a bunch of cheap fu(ks. $2? 10%? Give me a break. Losers.

  8. 8 David

    Well all i have to say, i am a bartender and a waiter, and in the US this is what the average tip should be, 15% if bad, 20% if good, 25% or more if great , thats for food and drinks at a table, if you are just ordering drinks from the bar you tip $1 a drink or beer unless its a speciality drink and takes a little longer to make, you tip $2 a drink. that is good tipping standards from someone who works in the profession.

  9. 9 Mike

    What? David, you expect a 15% tip if the service was bad? You’re kidding right? It tip is EARNED buddy. I tip 15%+ of the service is good.
    NOTHING if the service is bad.

  10. 10 Nick

    I agree with David for the most part. To give NOTHING even if the service is bad is being cheap. Here in NJ, my wife and I always tip $1 per drink at a bar, and ALWAYS at least 15% in a restaurant (but usually 20%) when the service is good which it usually is. I mean, even if the service was terrible we still give a tip…but not 15%…usually 10%.

  11. 11 Nik

    You all sound like a bunch of cheap bastards. I always leave a decent tip regardless of service. Its common courtesy which no one has in this day in age. That is why I will never be a waitor nor work at a restaurant.

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