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vTap updated for OS 4.3


vTapHayden just updated us on the status of vTap, the video search and video player for mobile. It’s now optimized for BlackBerry OS 4.3, which included streaming video support, and stretches back to the 8700. The search is pretty cool, working a lot like Boopsie in that it offers results as you type. On top of YouTube searching, they’ve also got a Wikipedia search with the same instant-return feature. The usual disclaimer follows that you probably shouldn’t be trying this out unless you’ve got an unlimited data plan, or really deep pockets. While it doesn’t look like the video search is ready just yet (just Wikipedia), we’re sure it will soon be accessible at from your mobile browser.

BlackBerry 8320 deal on Amazon


T-Mobile 8320Missed out on all the Black Friday fun? Luckily, T-Mobile’s got a deal on Amazon where you can pick up the Wi-Fi Curve for dirt cheap. As is the usual case with these Amazon sales, you’ve got a nice $250 rebate on the line if you miss a payment, change plans, or switch carriers altogether, but if you think you can handle that, and you pick up a $39.99 service plan, the BlackBerry 8320 is yours for free. Even with a cheaper plan, you can pick it up, complete with MyFaves, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel video camera, and a full QWERTY keypad, for a scant $99.99.

Google unveils GPS-less location-detection


GoogleGoogle’s updated Maps to version 2.0, and the big new feature is cell-tower triangulation to find your location. This new beta program called My Location sounds a bit like SameCell, huh? Of course, if you have GPS integrated in your handheld, Google Maps can read that too. Google’s obviously keeping BlackBerry in mind, as it’s a Curve cut-out being used in the video demo, but Nokia, Java and Windows Mobile is supported too. Head on over to on your mobile browser to check out the beta. Thanks, Ronen!

Video after the jump…

SplashID updated


SplasIDPassword-keeping software SplashID has been updated to version 4 for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms, packing a couple of new features: links which open directly into the browser, four more fields, an upgraded password generator, secure record e-mailing, and some updates to the desktop client. We poked around at SplashID awhile back, but compared to DataVault, the decision should be clear. Regardless, if you’re looking for an alternative, you can pick up SplashID over here.

BlackBerry 8320 and 8120 both hit Orange UK


OrangeIn a dual cyclone of Wi-Fi awesomeness, the BlackBerry 8120 and 8320 have both hit Orange UK. All the usual goodies are here, inluding Wi-fi (with UMA voice support), 3.5 mm headphone jack, video capture on a 2 megapixel camera, and the push e-mail we all know and love.

BlackBerrys suceptible to Trojans?


Trojan Horse A presenter at Kiwicon, a security conference in New Zealand, recently showed how easy it is to set up a Trojan virus on a BlackBerry. Given this involves installing the client-side program in the first place, Graeme Neilson from Aura Software Security makes it sound like a piece of cake.

“But all code that runs on Blackberrys is signed, right? Yes, Neilson says, but the maker of the portable device, Research in Motion (RIM), isn’t too fussy about who it sells certs to. If you want to get your Trojan code signed to run on a Blackberry, just go to the Research In Motion Web-site, plug in your details, pay a fee and voila! You’re in business.”