Streaming iTunes and lyrics on your BlackBerry

nuTsie recently announced a partnership with lyrics database LyricFind, letting you search through the lyrics of all the music in your iTunes library from your BlackBerry while you’re listening to streaming tunes. Best of all, it’s free - you just have to export your iTunes metadata and upload it to their servers. BlackBerry support is still in open beta, if you want to give nuTsie a shot and have a data plan that can stomach it. Thanks Josep!

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  1. 1 Alex

    I have a curve 8310 and it does not install, i get some error message: Installation failed. “907 Invalid JAR String index out of range: -16. And when i automatically download the file to my computer as opposed to my Blackberry, it says an error along the lines of, no applications for your device. Now I know that some people of gotten the error above before, yet for other applications. In addition, the website says it supports the Blackberry Curve. Any help?

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