vTap updated for OS 4.3

Hayden just updated us on the status of vTap, the video search and video player for mobile. It’s now optimized for BlackBerry OS 4.3, which included streaming video support, and stretches back to the 8700. The search is pretty cool, working a lot like Boopsie in that it offers results as you type. On top of YouTube searching, they’ve also got a Wikipedia search with the same instant-return feature. The usual disclaimer follows that you probably shouldn’t be trying this out unless you’ve got an unlimited data plan, or really deep pockets. While it doesn’t look like the video search is ready just yet (just Wikipedia), we’re sure it will soon be accessible at http://m.vtap.com from your mobile browser.

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4 Responses to “vTap updated for OS 4.3”

  1. 1 pierre

    I’m having issues with this I can’t find a video steam option on this I’m running os 4.3 but downloaded 4.2 since its the only choice where does the video stream come from

  2. 2 aalvino

    pierre, if you have a BlackBerry with the 4.3 OS, you should not have to download anything. If you just access the url m.vtap.com from the browser on your device, you should see the m.vtap.com site named “vTap Video Search”. Do you see this site?

  3. 3 Ben

    If I get the blackberry curve, will vtap work? Or, what blackberry phones will be able to use vtap? thx

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