RIM setting up at CES

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Not sure if you heard, but RIM is setting a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show down in Las Vegas from January 7th. to 10th. CES covers a wide range of fields, from gaming to home theatres, to wireless technology and digital imaging. Bill Gates will be one of the keynote speakers, alongside CEOs of Comcast, Intel, Panasonic and others. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, RIM’s going to be set up at booth 30333 in South Hall B at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Even if you’re not attending, you can sign up for daily e-mail updates over here. For more info, check out www.cesweb.org, or follow the blog over here.

  • tirtan
    Any rumors of a curve for sprint at CES? I have been holding off till I find out.
  • armando
    What's up send me email of the las vegas convention
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