Free GPS compass on your BlackBerry


CompassRonen just posted a review of Neosistec’s CarFinder, which lets you mark a location using your GPS-enabled device to find it later. Saving locations is something BlackBerry Maps does anyway, but having a little compass which keeps you pointed in that direction is a great extra feature which you don’t get otherwise. Combined with the option to send the location to others, the app pretty handy outside of just finding your car. On the whole, it looks more lightweight and easy to use than BB Maps if you’re just looking for this kind of casual use. If this is something you’re interested in trying out, you can download CarFinder free over the air from

  • bb reader

    I tried this on my 8703E and it crashed and locked it. be careful.

  • Yo ShipDog

    I put this on my 8830. It didn’t crash or lock up, but it is never able to read the GPS position.

    No worky.

  • The Guy

    I installed it on my 8703E and it crash down, was not able to turn it back on.

  • PearlMan

    I Installed this on my 8130, it installed fine, but was never able to pick up a GPS Location.
    10 Seconds in BBMaps and i had a location locked.

  • Jeffrey

    I installed it on my BB-8800 and it works GREAT.

  • Rastus

    Can I use this if I don’t have a car?

  • rofl

    That was funny as hell Rastus…

  • RESQBug

    Worked without issue on my curve and storm. OS v4.2 or greater

  • Sam

    Loaded it to my 8330, did not work

  • dann burbeula


  • Geo

    Do you have to have verizons gps service for this to work?

  • rallen562

    Geo, I am with AT&T, and it works great on my Blackberry Pearl 8110.

    Rastus, you can now always find your bus-stop! lol

  • Ahmado_alexandria


  • Jai

    How to download this compass??

  • Omgurujiom18

    blackberry maps campass download 8520

  • Rishav Bajaj

    bt hw it woul’d b downloaded