BlackBerry 9000 shots leaked?

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BB9000Take it all with a grain of salt, folks. Someone working around the block from RIM claims to have nabbed this shot of a next-gen BlackBerry. Full QWERTY keypad, so you can forget touchscreen and funky roll-out keypads for now. As for credibility, the keypad looked way too much like a Motorola Q’s at first glance, but if you check out the rear keys, it looks like they’ve got a curved bevel similar to the BlackBerry 8800’s keys. Others on the forums have pointed out the fishy-looking backwards “B” in “Berry”, as well as the possibility of an eBay scam. Regardless, plenty of people have complained about the 8800’s key size, so keeping that indentation but increasing the area seems plausible. The auction also says it has a camera, but you can also shack that one under rumors for now. Previous information says that this thing will be packing some heavier horsepower under the hood, which will probably define the new generation more than form factor changes, and should be landing in early ‘08. In any case, at least now we can do away with that mock-up

  • aquaus
    Looking forward to the results of this device, seems promising! (crosses fingers hoping for mini-sdcard slot for music/video playback)
  • saad
    If RIM were to actually lauch this tacky looking (i-phone finish) device, it would bomb out in the market as its just an elaborate steely version of the 8800, with an equally poor keypad..
    Clearly a fake!
  • LouTreize i said earlier...IF it's true, of course.
  • Unknown
    I have seen this device in use in public here in Waterloo (which is a big no no for any employee to do with unreleased product). I would say that if you've seen the extra photos of the device (the pack with the panel taken off) then you'd realsie that it's a real phone. And for some reason the second set of images shows this picture but the B in Berry does not seem to be reversed as in the original image... or it just isn't as noticeable
  • Bla1ze
    Insiders at RIM are laughing at this hysterically!! Especially the beta testers
  • Unknown
    OMG this sucks!! What is that? A super sized 8800? If RIM, really does think of callin this a 9000 BB, I'm so disappointed.

    I really hope its a fake and nothing close to what the actual 9000 will look like.
  • bbentusiats
    Sorry guys its all real. The ninja was swift and deadly I heard. The 9000 will be released a little sooner than most expceted.
  • Bla1ze
    HAHA!! It's been pulled by we're left wondering...scam...or did the RIM ninja's get at ebay and the owner.
  • LouTreize
    I smell another 8xxx model (keyboard says enough). I'll be surprised if RIM starts rolling out a 9xxx series already. Ma x out the 8xxx series with 3G HSDPA and RIM will have a monster in their hands.
  • Christopher Cox
    What are those lines that are moving vertically through the device. They look like scan lines or something. With the first picture I saw, I thought that was printer artifact, but this one has the lines going through the device only, with them being absent in the background around the phone. If those were printer artifact, they would show up on the desk texture too. I call fake.
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