Early presents exclusive for BBCool readers

Yeah, Christmas is a ways off, but we don’t care - we love you guys way too much to hold out for three stinkin’ weeks. So, we’ve got two presents for ya: first up is 25% off of Ascendo DataVault, the BlackBerry password-keeping software of choice. Just type in the coupon code BBCOOL72 at checkout for your savings. For more info, check out our review of their most recent version. Next up is a free 30-day trial of the voicemail transcription service, SimulScribe, which we’ve got on the plate for review this week. So far it’s been impressive, and very much worth checking out. Currently in beta is SimulSays, which is a dedicated user interface for browsing through voicemails pumped through SimulScribe. That’s not everything, but we’ve got to save something for Christmas proper, don’t we?

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  1. 1 J. Manion

    I’ve tried Simulsays on my TMobile Pearl for the past 3 months and have had varying degrees of success. The idea behind the product is awesome, however, the application needs to be reinstalled about every two weeks. So it’s not the most reliable piece of software loaded on the Pearl. I worked with their tech support to try to resolve this on-going issue, but didn’t get resolution. I finally had to unistall it for good and good back to regular voice mail. Would love to reinstall the application if I could get an updated version that would work.

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