Free mobile file conversion

Josep just pointed us to Beam it up Scotty, which chews up picture, document, music and video files and spits mobilized versions back at you via SMS download link. We aren’t getting any luck with a Canadian phone number, but considering it’s German, we might guess this is just for European users right now. (Edit: I’m a dumbass, just didn’t put 00 before my phone number.) Anyway, give it a shot and leave a comment letting us know how it works.

3 Responses to “Free mobile file conversion”

  1. 1 Steve

    Works perfectly for me! I have a Bb 8700c through AT&T and have a U.S. cell number.

  2. 2 Bobby

    it works with US cell phone #s. Just put in your number as:
    00 + 1 + Area Code + Tel #

  3. 3 Rodrigo

    Worked great for me… Easier than mailing a file to yourself to get it on the blackberry.

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