Google Calendar syncs to BlackBerry

Google has just launched Google Sync, an app which keeps your Google Calendar and BlackBerry calendar synced up, available for over the air download from Pretty awesome stuff, considering programs like GCalSync and GCal have been trying to get the job done for awhile now. Hopefully Google Sync will provide the groundwork for other sync options, like GMail contacts, maps, notes, and all that other good stuff that BlackBerry and Google overlap on. Thanks Josep!

17 Responses to “Google Calendar syncs to BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Jerry

    I wonder when they will add this to the google mobile updater list…..I thought this thing was supposed to keep me current!

  2. 2 Greg

    In as much as Google has been gaining on Yahoo, Yahoo has had this down pat, for quite a while, including contacts, etc., etc..

  3. 3 mark

    Great news! Finally!!!! Proud to be a stockholder. (Goog)

  4. 4 Stinky From USC

    I can’t get my blackberry calendar items to upload to google calendar.

    by design?

  5. 5 Jiri Manek

    Cool stuff, but it does not work on 8310, OS :-((((
    “Unable to render page” message comes up.

  6. 6 Jiri Manek

    I meant 8110 device :-/

  7. 7 Jiri Manek

    Oh … it was just me being stupid. After restart it went fine. Wonder what that message meant, as i’ve seen it first time in my life.

  8. 8 Rufus Leeking

    Either I’m using it wrong or else it’s first version is a bit lame. It appears to pull information down from Google, but does not push my Blackberry’s calendar events/changes up to Google.

    I keep good calendar on my BB — it’s my primary. I was really hoping all my calendar content would get pushed up to Google to get things started. Didn’t happen.

    I added a calendar event on Google, then sync’d . It came down just fine. I then deleted that even on my BB, it was not deleted from Google Calendar.

    So…. is a great idea, but not particularly useful right now. Anybody else seeing similar behavior?

  9. 9 DrZ

    Same problem. No upload. Another site stated that you need to re-enter the event. That is a big pain. It seems only events entered after sync is installed seems to sync both ways.

  10. 10 NA

    I’ve found that it does upload from BB, it’s just a question of when. Made a BB change last night, it was on the calendar this morning. A enormous improvement over gCalSync.

  11. 11 Robb

    It installs perfectly, but when I put in my email and password, it just sits on the “Connecting to Google” screen. I’m able to ESC out of the screen, but nothing seems to be happening.

    I have an 8700 with v4.2.1.96

    Any suggestions?

  12. 12 LDCMobile

    Does this still work if you have wireless sync with a BES option?

  13. 13 Andy

    I installed it and then signed in and synced it when it was first launched and within a few minutes all of the items on my business calendar were erased. I primarily use my blackberry for work purposes and was a little annoyed that my entire work calendar was erased and all of the sudden, all of the events on my google calendars were showing up on my work calendar. I wasn’t excited about the fact that my entire personal life was showing up in my office :( Has anyone else had any problems when using BES with this new app? I disabled sync but I’d like to be able to make this work if anyone has any suggestions?

  14. 14 Ian Farmer

    My BB Curve will not log onto the google sync site - says there is a blackberry security prblem - anyone else get this?


  15. 15 Laura

    My BB Pearl won’t sync my entire calender. It is only downloading May and June!! Does anyone know how to correct this?

  16. 16 Trisha

    How can I sync my husband’s blackberry pearl 8130 to our family google calendar!
    Please help!

  17. 17 SS

    I just bought a Blackberry Storm. Is there any wireless solution that syncs the phone to my office Outlook? Calendar, Tasks, etc.

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