Google Updater for BlackBerry

BlackBerrys come bundled with a bunch of Google apps like GMail, GTalk, and Google Maps, which often get little upgrades without you noticing. New features like My Location might grab your eye and get you to go through the chore of updating, but now The Big G is making the job a little bit easier with a dedicated updating app which makes sure all your Googly stuff stays up to date. Just browse on over to on your mobile browser to get the whole package of Google love, including the new Picasa web album app. Thanks, Josep!

5 Responses to “Google Updater for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Phil

    I love Google a bunch, but if your gonna make an app for blackberry, make a damn app, not just a link to a website!

  2. 2 david

    I like the new Google GSM location service - excellent for getting an approximate location whilst on a train.

  3. 3 Todd

    It caused my 7130e to reboot! Ugh…

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