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So, you may have heard that Otterbox busted out a new Pearl case, which I’ve been playing around with since early last month. Now there’s a new Curve case available too, also following the new style set by their 8800 case, which we’ve been taking a look at. Accordingly, we’ve updated our review, including the few quirks of the new models, although the overall product remains the same: tough, reliable, good-looking cases. We’ve even got a quick video of the Defender Series handling the rough Canadian winter… If you live the rugged life, you can pick up the Pearl Defender Series case here and the 8800-class cases here.

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  1. 1 Nick Andriash

    Be careful when ordering from Otterbox, and pay particular attention to their shipping charges. They will charge you MORE for shipping, than the case is worth…literally. As for protection, I feel the Seidio crystal case for my 8830 is just as well protected for a little more than half of what Otterbox is asking for their cases.

  2. 2 Kristin

    Hi Nick-

    I work as the Public Relations Executive for OtterBox and actually sent the samples out to Simon for review (thanks again Simon)! I just wanted to respond to your comment regarding our shipping charges. We ship primarily through UPS and especially internationally, like Canada, we don’t have much control over the duties and taxes required. UPS provides one of the most accurate ways to ship with tracking and we haven’t found a better alternative thus far. Please keep in mind for your future orders that we do have distributor and resellers throughout the world!!! One company we work with in Canada is Ever Corporation, LTD. You can check out their site at

    Thanks for your support!

    Best Regards,
    Kristin Golliher

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